Today started out very well. I was up early and laid down on the chaise lounge with the dog. I took the dog for a walk. We picked up some trash from our back yard and walked about eight blocks. I went to work for new faculty orientation.

The folks were very nice. I got compliments on my shoes and purse. (Beijo pink and black purse. Jessica Simpson turquoise shoes.)

Grace was there and we made plans to eat lunch at my house, but she finished before I did and she forgot. So I made eggs and ate with the dog. The dog was happy.

I also called the wood floor place. The cost was a LOT higher than I was expecting.

Also they said we have tile that might have asbestos in it. I’m thinking we should just take it up. But then we would also need to clean up the house. Or I can do it myself and find out whether Michael was right about carcinogens. If I do it myself, it will be in the duct work and everything so I am not the only one who will have long-term exposure. I guess that means we should test it and have it professionally removed if that is the deal. Asbestos removal costs between 2 and 4K for a 2000 sq ft house, according to the internet.

The agent wanting to sell our house in Houston wants a year-long contract. I’m not happy with that. It’s just too long. I wrote and asked for a six-month listing contract, with the option to cancel at 90 days if we were not happy. We will see what she says– and if Ron gave her my cell phone number.

I need to buy the paint for Brian and get a mask and eye protection and try to clean out the chimney flue so the damper will close. Hmm. Guess I could change my close and see if I can do that without getting my head under there.