Simple Carbs

I have not been low carbing it the last few days. I will be mostly good but not entirely good and then get frustrated with myself.

However, the pains are pretty minimal, except when I eat carbs right before bed. Apparently a lot of the pains were still nightshades.

Whoo hoo! I’m over nightshades! Yay. That is so good.

But I still need to get back to low carb so I can get this extra weight off. I’m wearing a size 12 shorts and have a size 12 dress. While I know most of the size 12s won’t fit me, that made me feel good.

Have a class tomorrow (to take) that I am not ready for. I still haven’t finished my review. But I was accepted to the big rhetoric conference. I’m pleased about that.

I have this review and then I need to finish the chapter for Routledge by Sept. 15. Then I have another review to do. Then I’ll be through with my scholarship for 2011-12s faculty accomplishments.