Maybe It Is Me

When I went forward at church to ask for prayers, I asked for strength because I know this is the right decision, but I did not expect the right decision to be so hard. They prayed I would know it was the right decision.

When I said I have “too many, too long, or none” as options for my story topics, they heard that I thought I had no stories and commented on the wealth of stories I had. I know I have a wealth of stories. That was the problem.

Definitely I don’t have the depth of stories like Karen’s or Dora’s, but I do have stories.

We’ll see where this goes.

I love the idea of the furniture as icons one can click on as they go around the room and hear about the family members who are part of that furniture. I even like the idea of setting up the whole room with all the pieces, and the brochure on the table from the college. I like all of that. Very new media.

But that’s not what I am going to do. And the question is what am I going to do. How personal do I want to get? How much do I want to go into?

That I don’t know.