Wood Floors

We ended up not just putting wood floors into the living room but in all the rooms that did have carpet.

We ended up not putting in the wood floors that I had looked at (cheap) at Home Depot. Instead we went with the guy who redid our floors in KW.

We got 3x as much flooring of 4x as good wood at only 2x the cost. I figure that’s a pretty amazing savings, even if it cost a lot! It was totally worth it, as long as we don’t run out of money before the KW house sells. It may be totally worth it then too.

The wood is beautiful. I am sure the stain will look great too. Even though I got to see several other stains, I ended up going with the option, by name anyway, that we chose originally. The flooring guy said it had some red in it, but it is fairly light and that will, I hope open up the rooms even more.

It is beautiful.

Did I say that already? It’s still worth repeating. It is beautiful.

And it isn’t even finished yet. There’s no stain on it, no sealer… It will be truly amazing when it is finished.