Getting Stuff Done

I have been running behind for a while, feeling like I am not getting what I need to get done done, partially because I keep putting the house together and then taking it back apart for one reason or another. (Paint, wood floors)

Today I took off after my 8 am meeting, went home and sat with the dog and graded papers, got the new front tires to replace the bald ones (got Kelly Chargers, supposed to do 60K), got all the savory stuff for tomorrow’s party (the book baby shower for SS) and some of the salty, picked out dishes to put that in, got the cashier’s check for the floor, went and harangued the Taylor Made guys about my 3-months-ago-paid-for pantry that still isn’t done. (There is always a reason, but it is because they didn’t start on it until 6 weeks after they had the money. It might have been done by now otherwise.) Then I went and taught my class, saw M, hung out with him in my office, and basically had a good time.

I still need to go to the store again to buy felt to go on the bottom of all the furniture that is going in the wooded parts of the house, which is most of the furniture, since it is most of the house. I’m going to Ellen’s to sleep again tonight. I need to go walk the dog for the evening later.

But first I am going to grade five sets of papers (one per class of freshman comp and two for Brit Lit 1).

Then I will post those grades.

It will be nice to have it all done.

–You know I was thinking how serene Ellen’s house looks and why did it look that way. At first I thought it was how little furniture she has, but my house has very little furniture. Then I figured out (just now) that it was because she has nothing on the walls, or very little, so it doesn’t feel busy. Perhaps all my paintings are really too much for the house? Perhaps I should put them in a closet and rotate them in and out?

I also was thinking I would put the black dresser in the guest bedroom and the armoire in our room, but I need to talk to R about that.