I was going to write “Stressed” as the title, but I’m not generally stressed. I’m just stressed right now.

M sold his stock and made $$$. He’ll have enough to pay for 2.5 years of grad school, if they don’t keep upping the price too much.

Our house was looked at twice this week, but we haven’t heard from them, so I am guessing that was a no. I’m still praying that it will sell at the right time for the right price.

I’m having a hard time being rational about money right now. I need prayers for that.

I haven’t done my syllabi. I guess I’m just going to go with Nancy’s for linguistics, since I’ve got no clue what else I would do right now and I don’t have the emotional energy to figure it out. (Or maybe I won’t. Guess I should look at it.)

Haven’t done any of my syllabi.

Have my paper for Saturday written. It’s not great and amazing, but I do think it has some good points.

My blog for my honor society isn’t visible. I haven’t sent the emails out yet. I need to do that, but I would like the blog to be visible, too.

I’ve taken more than a week off and now I am feeling panicked. Guess instead of being panicked, I should just work on the stuff I need to get done.