I have not been living with a grateful heart, despite the bounties I have been overwhelmingly blessed with.

100 Things I am thankful for:
my husband
cell phones
the house in A
the kitchen of the house in A
the chaise lounge
my oldest son
the fact that he likes the leather coat
my youngest son
the high price he was able to sell his stocks at
the four books I was given today (10)
the 29-Gift book I read this evening
the fact that my hotel room is quiet
having walked around downtown Seattle
the light rain
a good dinner
plugs and tables for blogging at MLA
fitting in my clothes
pcard to pay
having worked out a syllabus
having M as my friend, even if we don’t teach the same class (20)
hearing about picture books and comics
having the key to the hotel room work
feeling pretty when I looked in the mirror
the compliment on my hair from the presiding chair
my brother’s willingness to call me regularly
the pictures of my nieces and nephew
my new D-90
the camera lens
R’s birthday party–the fact that we can have one
time at home in H (30)
paid for home
my dog
a workshop in A
the garage in H
years of comfortable living in the house in H
DB, a new and fun friend, in H
lunch plans with EA on Tuesday
having eaten at Chuy’s with SJ
my sister coming to lunch with the boys, Dad, and me
lunch plans with my dad on Monday (40)
R having a part-time job in A
shuttle service to the airport
getting to be home tomorrow with my sons
water to drink
God’s graciousness in helping me give up nightshades
my health (which, amazingly, has gotten better over the last three years)
memories of my mother
grandparents who loved me x4
great-grandparents x3
Granny Smith Apples
cinnamon apples
sweet potato fries
Cheddar cheese
students who do good work (60)
a reason to read my book on werewolves
a reason to talk to my sons about superheroes
my New Year’s Eve experience
soft pillows
warm covers
solid rooves (roofs)
gas heat
a laptop
having completed the retrospectives
50% off the McFarland books
time to myself, alone
colleagues whom I love
being able to get up and down the stairs without difficulties
the sight of the trees in red and white Christmas lights on 4th St.
medicine that stops vertigo before (and after) it starts
the fact that my dad still has all his own teeth
songs (80)
memories of singing in the car
joy in singing
the bang-up job my sophomores did on the extra credit
the good job my sophomores did on the music compilation
the amazing job my freshmen did on the commercials
the amazing job my freshmen did using Xtranormal
having blue eyes
being able to dye my hair red
laughter (90)
good memories of my boys
A and J coming from CA for R’s birthday
M and D coming for R’s birthday
bras and underwear that fit
being too small for some of my clothes–some of my clothes being too big for me
autumn leaves
“I can see the lights of the city, 14 miles from home.”
my engagement ring (100)
comfortable boots
cute boots that I get compliments on
new socks (When I got to here, I thought I should count and see how many I had to go. But I don’t have any to go.)
hotel reservations in March
better plane trip here
R’s school is almost over
newbie has lots of listeners
God loves me.

I have SO MUCH to be thankful for. Thank you, God, for all the gifts you’ve given me recently, even –or especially– for those I haven’t noticed.

I am wonderfully blessed.