The second anniversary of Mom’s death passed this last week. It wasn’t as hard as the first. I still miss her though.

We started working out on 7/16. I’ve lost 4.55 inches, but no weight, in the 11 days.

I’ve averaged 3 miles of walking a day. I’ve also rowed some, done core exercises, and ridden the bike. I am a bit obsessive about it and am not sure how I will continue to do this during the fall, when I have to be at work by 7:45.

Our old house is set to sell next week.

DH has lost four pounds in the last two weeks. Such a guy!

Eldest son is here for two weeks. Then youngest son will be coming home and I will take eldest son back to school.

I got the oil changed in the truck and my car and got the radiator flushed in my car.

I did NOT get to Karen C’s for sewing lessons.