Could Pain be Something Good?

For fibromyalgia sufferers, pain can be good. It can mean that your body is getting rid of the stores of pain that you built up over the years. They basically go backwards in time back through the same pains. I don’t know if it takes about the same amount of time, but it might.

I have been hurting in my old broken elbow for the last three weeks. I was wondering if this might possibly be what the problem is.

My right knee and right thumb hurt as well, now that I have finished the gym for the day.

So I thought I would take a Benadryl and see if that would stop the pain.

I also thought I would see when I broke my arm and what that meant time-wise for my nightshade allergies.

To review on that:
I stopped eating all nightshades (as far as I knew) in June of 2010. So it has been a bit less than 3 years.

Because I was wondering when I broke my elbow, I looked in this blog and found out I broke it in May of 2007. So, a little less than three years before that.

That seems to be about right.

Could I be doing what fibromyalgia folks do and going backwards? That could be really bad, since some of the things were not being able to work or stay awake… Of course that was 15 years ago, so I still have some time to go. … But it could also be really good because it means that eventually the pain will stop.

The first thing I would guess was nightshades, though I am not sure, was my hospitalization for my back over Christmas of either 1975 or 1976. And really that could have been referred pain from my TMJ.

The first absolutely clear that it was nightshades thing was winter of 1987 when every time I ate I limped more. That’s 20 years earlier than when I broke my elbow, though, so I won’t have problems with my knees and hips to that degree (or close) until 2033. Then I might be through with the nightshades.

I would say “Forget this. If I have the pain anyway it isn’t worth it,” except that God said if I want to save my brain I have to give up nightshades. I don’t want to go crazy. I promised my kids I wouldn’t. Therefore, in order to avoid the brain cancer my poor mother had, I am not going back to nightshades. Period.

And who knows? Maybe it will speed up as it gets farther along.

I wonder if the sore right hip I’ve had for the last year is referred pain or something else.