Thinking on Computer

1. Pain.
I am in a lot of pain. I took two Benadryl and 3 naproxen three hours ago and I am just starting to be able to relax. (Of course my stomach is actually in more rebellion, but…)

Maybe 3.5 hours and it is starting to kick in. I may take a nap. (It is 5:35 a.m. right now.)

I am starting to think it is the marshmallow crème. When I had marshmallows the pain didn’t happen, but when I do the nutella smores with the crème, I get lots of pain.

So I guess no nutella smores with crème, and no homemade fridge fudge since it has that in it too.

I don’t think I have made any since Dec of 1989. Long time passing…

2. What I Did With My Summer “Vacation”
I need to keep a running ledger of how I spend my time this summer so I know whether or not I wasted it or actually did something useful. If I put it in Evernote, I should be able to access it from anywhere.