New York Notes

Building with center four windows of brick
like an old, straight skyscraper,
while glass forms rounded extensions on all sides,
as if a glass building swallowed a traditional brick tower.
–one block back from Tillary, where the Mobile Station sits.

Red and black brick Tudor church with verdigris copper turret tops.

Water tower perched on thick mechanized spider. Chicken legs above a public storage building.

Modern flat fronted four story joins rococo brownstone.

One wall graffitti hell and an extensive roof top garden on the fourth story, one block wide fronted flats.

rounded arches topped with Art Deco torches.

To cover the sight and dust of change
scaffolding and black construction cloth
the building.
Just outside the railings
a miniature copper dragon gargoyle
plays hide and seek with the building’s renovators.

Two gray marble Greek women
guard the second story of the office’s opening arch.

The newer bridges’ concrete is formed into Art Deco geometric bas reliefs
and ivy climbs to adorn them.

New York was hit but New Jersey flies the patriotism.