House Arrangements

We moved the television into the library (or media or “back” room) in late May. But that is where the dog is when she is inside, so we had to get a cover for the couch.

R offered the microsuede couch to the youngest for his new apartment and I expect he will take it. His bud’s don’t have furniture.

We are planning to get a hide-a-bed so that when the two boys are here, they both have somewhere to sleep. I found a gorgeous one at Sam’s, but it is a bit large for the office (which is where we had originally discussed putting it).

Friday we had friends over for supper and the gold couch was in the dining (front) room. It’s really not a comfortable couch and not big enough for multiple people, so Melanie and I ended up sitting on the dining room chairs. That works, but it feels odd to pull them around.

So R and I talked about getting a different couch and putting it there.

Yesterday I was boogeying around town getting price quotes on things (like the table refinished and the rear bumper on my car fixed) and I found a mid-century red blended leather couch in good shape at a consignment store. I called R about it and then sent him an image.

Last night the red leather couch moved into the media room. That left the red microsuede to go into the front room… It is really too big for that room as it is set up, but I like it better than the gold one. However, when M moves into the apartment, the red microsuede will disappear.–Or we will buy him a different couch.

When I started writing this post I was thinking I would want to buy him a different couch, but the red couch is really too big for the room. So I guess I will start looking for a smaller red couch.

I found a blue rug I really like, with some red in it. But it also looks a bit plain and probably doesn’t have a nice feel to it. I was thinking it could go in the front room. However, it is $670 and I am not sure I would like it so I probably won’t order it.

While my office is even more crowded than it had been (since I have my stuff and the gold couch there), the front and back rooms look better.