25 Years Ago… How We Met

I looked up a calendar for dates… Then I looked up MS and it was from June 3 to July 10.

June 16, 1989
Ron and I met during Mission Seminar. He was getting six hours of electives done for his undergrad degree and I was back in Texas after my first year in the Rhetoric program at Purdue (and feeling like I had risen to the level of my incompetence). We were in Nelson dorm’s living room and Ted was the connection. Ron thought I had a crush on Ted and wanted to meet the girl who would…

I untied Ron’s shoe laces with my toes.

The three of us and another student (whose fiancee had died in Brazil during a mission trip that summer) went to Dairy Queen on Washington and 80 for Blizzards. We talked about Brazil the whole time.

Sometime during the week June 19-23
I sit with Ron during chapel because neither of us has anyone else to sit with.

Also during that week we get a little loopy and chase each other around UCC buildings with pens, attempting to mark on each other. Why? I don’t know. Pressure release?

Dr. Ed M stopped us and took the pens away (so Ron was to one side and I was to the other, with Ed in the middle). He asked what we were doing. I said I was winning, grabbed a pen from Ed’s pocket and slashed a line down Ron’s hand.

What! Okay, we were definitely strange.

June 26-30, 1989
Ron and I had Dr. Gailyn V for a class. The class was too large for the room, so we had a U with students on both the out and inside. Ron was on the outside and I was on the inside. We were sitting somewhat catty corner to each other. Ron decided he would stare at me to make me paranoid, but all it did was make me giggle.

Yes, I do remember things I learned in that class besides that Ron makes me giggle.

July 1, 1989, probably
Ray and his girlfriend (fiancee by then?) invited me to a party and said I could invite two friends. I invited Sherry B (friend for years) and Ron. I don’t really know why. Guess I thought he was fun.

It turned out to be a surprise birthday party for me. Big surprise! My birthday is in March.

Ron stayed on the balcony talking to one of the girls on my hall he had a crush on. (He had a crush on two of them. Yes, I knew this.)

July 7, 1989, approximately
I told Ron I would visit him at work, but did not have a plan for it.

July 9, 1989
Dear friend came down to help other friends move their stuff back to Oklahoma. We went for a drive and he asked me to marry him. –We had never even kissed, which I found odd.

Ron called me at Sherry’s house to tell me he was leaving town Monday or Tuesday and if I planned on visiting him at work I should come that evening. We talked on the phone for three hours.

When I got off, Sherry said she didn’t know I knew Ron that well. I told her I didn’t know I knew him that well either.