Dog and Trips

The dog has had diarrhea for at least three days in the last week. She has been somewhat lethargic and for two days did not eat her morning food until well after noon. However, she seems to have recovered and is doing fine.

We are trying to go out of town for one night and two days. That is for tomorrow and Saturday. It will be over 100 degrees both days. I called the vet to see if we could board her this weekend. They said yes, but that she hasn’t had her vaccines.

I think she has, but they are checking and calling our last vet (2 years ago). However, I just checked our local laws and she has to have a rabies shot every year. I don’t think she has had her rabies shot this year. Unless the other animal hospital gave her one. Guess I should call them and ask. No, they didn’t.

But there is a three-year vaccine. It is possible she was given that.

I just called our old vet and they are sending me her records via email, so I will have those. Then I will need to get both the vet records here in town, too.

But it does look like she needs her rabies vaccine. And two other shots too, having talked to the vet. So that will be $76. But she needs those, whether we are thrilled about her having them or not.

The boarding is $48 for Fri-Mon. They will let you pick up on Sunday, but you have to pay for Sunday night anyway, so…