I’ve been trying to do more walking and I’ve been counting my steps on the roads around my house.

When I walked around the track at school (where each lap is more than 1/8 of a mile) I took 285-295 steps. So I am counting 300 steps as a lap and 2400 as a mile, even though that is clearly more than a mile.

Basically a mile would be 2320 steps. (Average of 290 and 8x lap, though that would still be more than a mile, so really I should count 2300 as a mile. However, that messes up the math in my head so I am going to stick with 2400 steps as a mile.)

9/21 I did 3900 steps with the dog.
9/22 I did 3300 steps with the dog.
9/23 I did 3300 steps with the dog and 1 hour in the pool.
(The hour in the pool is low impact aerobics and not particularly fast, so probably about 200 calories an hour is all I get out of that.)
9/24 I did 4500 steps with the dog.
9/25 I did 3600 steps with the dog.
9/26 I did 5500 steps with the dog.
9/27 I did 3600 steps with the dog, an hour in the pool, and 8 laps of the whole pool going against the current.
9/28 I did 4500 steps with the dog.
9/29 I did 3300 steps with the dog.
9/30 I did an hour in the pool.
10/1 I did 6000 steps with the dog.
10/2 I did 8600 steps with the dog.
I took it slow though and these took an 1.27. That is just a few steps short of 3 miles, but is at the slow rate. (So about 300 calories total.)

During this break I was in New Orleans and in Addison. I did not do much walking except for a mile or so in the French Quarter three times, but slow.

10/6 3300 steps with the dog.
10/7 1 hour in the pool and 4300 steps with the dog.
10/8 3500 steps with the dog.
10/9 6400 steps with the dog.
10/10 6600 steps with the dog
10/11 3200 steps with the dog in 25 minutes (so fairly fast), an hour in the pool, and 5.50 minutes on the row machine using only arms and staying over 500 calories.
The 3200 steps was between 150 and 200 calories. The hour in the pool about 200 and the row machine said 50. So for an hour and a half I got only about 450 calories.
I came home ready to go for a walk again, but I decided to wash dishes and sit down instead. I should have gone for a walk.