Mark Phillips was teaching again yesterday at church.

First thing that caught my attention was a quote from I Cor. 12 which I did not remember. “If any part [of the body] is honored, the rest rejoices with it” (v. 26).

Second thing that caught my attention was he asked two questions:
In the last week, what have you done for the kingdom?
In the last month, what have you done for this congregation?

And either showed up twice and gave money or those plus spent three hours at the 24-hour prayer thing. (That was Sept. 22, though, so it is more than a month.)

I talked to DH about it and he said at least we are still attending church. Every Sunday there are fewer and fewer people in the congregation. It is really sad.

The elders let our main pastor go, or at least they changed him from preaching pastor to missions pastor, and yesterday someone introducing him referred to him as our “friend,” rather than our pastor. Odd that. They want to get a younger pastor who will bring in the younger crowd. While I don’t agree with that idea, I understand what they are thinking. But why would they release him from his work when we had not yet gotten a new pastor? It was weird.

DH thinks that is part of the reason that the church is getting less full every Sunday. There are more and more people leaving.

However, I did feel convicted that I am not involved in church and I am thinking maybe we need to look around for a different congregation.

We had lunch with Don and Carla G, which was nice. Saw Dr. Ed M and his wife Georgia at lunch, too. I don’t think they recognized us, but one of these days we need to say hello when we see them.