24fps International Film Festival

30 short films are shown. 10 were last night. 10 in a matinee today and 10 tonight.

I have to go to the Metroplex, but I hope to be able to attend the event this evening. 7 pm. We’ll see if I can make it. So I am dressed both for a meeting and for a night out on the town with DH. The one issue is a coat. I have a beautiful suit jacket for a night on the town, but not for a day at work that covers it. I may have to take both on the trip, since I probably won’t have time to get back home before the showing.

I remember the first year that I went thinking that this is not like literature. Most of them don’t end sadly.

DH says I only remember the happy ones, but that is actually not correct. I don’t. I only remember the sad ones.

However last night, there were three maybe that weren’t sad. Four that weren’t sad by the end. So six that were sad. One, which I had hoped would be the most fascinating, was Irish Folk Furniture, but though it was well done, it wasn’t amazing. I am pretty sure one that I thought was odd, but not depressing at the end, will be the audience’s choice for last night, but there is only one choice, so…

I’m actually glad I am missing the matinee movies. They look political and depressing.