Toastmaster: An Attitude of Gratitude

I am Toastmaster this week and the topic is being grateful or expressing gratitude. I said being grateful, but I think maybe I could expand it.

Two of the speakers and one of the evaluators has bowed out. The grammarian hasn’t written, but supposedly she is in Hawaii.

I haven’t heard from the timer.

An attitude of gratitude…
100 things I like about my spouse
(Oh, maybe that story about where the couple were supposed to write down the things that bothered them and one only wrote the good things…)
This is also useful when you are having trouble thinking of things you like about them…
The blessing list… Keeping track of your daily blessings or writing down one big blessing from each month of the last year.
Counting your blessings one by one. Name them one by one. I bet you can’t. If you get started, how long could you make the list?
Facebook November traditions: a letter of the alphabet to thank God for each day or the number of the date: 3 siblings, 3 nieces or my brother Chris, church friends, cars

Found a list of 100 Things about me that you probably didn’t know and I laughed and thought about blessings I had forgotten and discovered I had goals that I have met and… lots of cool things.