Alphabetical Blessings

In 2013 I am grateful for:

A= Abilene, all the Alberts still in my life and the Albert who is in Heaven, my nephew A and my niece A, antiques, Amy C, Angie B, apples,

B= my boys, God’s beauty, books, Bible, blue, bananas,

C= my brother Chris, Christmas carols, cars, coats, clothing, chocolate, Cailler, community

D= my dad, Deb W, Darlene B, my dog, dancing, doughnuts

E= everything God has given me! eating, ears, enjoyment, emotions, English classes to teach, energy, Elijah

F= food, fun, fingers, failures (although especially when they’ve been overcome), friends, fences, fantasy

G= my grandmothers, my grandfathers, God, goodness, grass, groceries paid for, gasoline (esp. below $3/gallon!), vintage blue glass, grapes

H= for my birth family the H’s, including all my myriads of cousins and their kiddos, our house, the other house income, holidays, Houston, hair, health, hugs, hamburgers, high heels

I= ice cream (esp Skinny Cow), indoors, Indiana and Illinois and the friends and schools there

J= my sister J, my mother J, journeys, joy, the word jubilation, Jesus

K= kids, kaleidoscopes, kidneys that work, kennings, Karen C, Kim B, kisses

L= love, laughter, lilies, lyrics

M= myself, Mother, Micah, monster studies, moisture in the air, March, museums, memories, Mikee D, the moon, Mary Jo, men, Mexican Steak, mysteries

N= nourishment, nights, normal, nods of understanding, noise I can hear, new sheets, Nancy S-J

O= oranges, the ocean, the color orange, old furniture, oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar, others

P= porches, potties, pony tails, pools, perspective, people, peace, presence, Paula, pizza, pork, ponchos, photographs

Q= quiet, quirks, questions for learning

R= rain, rainbows, Ron, Reagan, rational thinking, relationships, rivers, romances, romance, Ren Fair

S= sunshine, sounds, soft kisses, sex, socks, songs, singing, Steph, Aunt Stephanie, silly songs with Larry, smiles, spaghetti, shoes, skirts, science fiction

T= toes, turquoise, thankfulness, treats, trees, time, toenail polish, tickling, television, turkey, faux turtlenecks

U= underwear, the word ubiquitous, umbrellas

V= violets, vision, variety, vegetables

W= windows, wonder, willows, women, watermelon, wishes, words, wisdom

X= X-rays, xylophones

Y= youth, yards, yams, yellow, yucca flowers, yawns

Z= zeal, Zion, zoos, zebras, zippers, zombie stories