Spring Classes

Despite the fact that we are working a year in advance, we still don’t know till fairly late in the day what classes make.

Right now (and this is still subject to change), I have the
Old English readings course
one business and professional writing course
a second-semester first-year writing course.

We are assuming (at this point) that I will receive the CAS course reduction award. If I do, then those three courses will be my only classes. If I do not, then I will probably teach two freshman classes.

I am hoping to get the CAS course reduction award.

I need to work on the OE readings course and finish up what readings should go in the book. Really, really need to do that.

The course only has 5 people in it, but it is a required for graduation course, so they should offer it. My fingers are crossed that they will. I have been looking forward to it so much.

If the worst happens and I don’t get the CAS reduction and the OE course is disallowed, I will probably end up with 3 freshman courses and a B&P. That would be okay in one way, but in another way it would really give me a heavy load –as compared to the incredibly light load I am looking at right now.

Of course, before yesterday, my schedule was:
1 OE readings course
2 B&P classes.

So every day is a new beginning…