Ice Day

School was cancelled last night for today due to inclement weather. I don’t have classes on Friday this semester, but I still felt the impact as I had plans to go to the gym (but didn’t) and a student was coming over to borrow costumes to shoot her final in photography (and couldn’t). I just took the dog outside, expecting to walk 2 miles, but be cold. Er, no. The sidewalks, the alleys, and the streets are covered in ice. I had to walk on people’s yards, just to take her around the block. Even then I slipped at least three times, though not ever badly.

So the world is about half covered in white and we have an ice day today and probably tomorrow, too. It will be Sunday before it melts. So Asia said she will come over on Sunday to borrow things. I got a bunch of stuff out and took pictures for her to see what I had. She was very enthusiastic.

At school the cafeteria and the police are open. Thankfully there is still electricity everywhere, so no one is freezing on campus.

I know there are people out here who, even if they stayed home, are still cold, due to the minimal insulation of their home.

I wish there were something I could do to eliminate some of that.

I graded papers, sent emails for two hours, and gave the sophomores their grades to date and let them know what difference the final could make to their grade.

I need to grade the business writing papers and send those folks emails, too. I probably will wait on that until tomorrow though.