Allergen Fail


Chili’s served me pretzels which had BBQ sauce on them. (Tasted it on the first bite.) I left to go get benadryl and Ron asked them to change them out. We got them to go. 2 of the 4 had BBQ on them again. Some people can die from allergens added randomly to their food. Thankfully the most likely result for me is three or four days of difficulty walking, typing, driving, any type of movement. I am hoping I got the benadryl in time to avoid that.

Thought for the day

“Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, leave the rest to God.”
Ronald Reagan

Today is Ronald Reagan’s birthday today and I saw the quote as a comment on a Facebook post about that.

When I first saw the post, I was like, “What?! I forgot Reagan (my niece’s) birthday?”

Then I remembered she was born the day he died, not the day he was born. And, yes, she was named for him.