My Favorite Things about Scotland

My favorite things about Scotland

KILTS! The first week I only saw one person in a kilt and then the next day two. But after that I saw at least four daily and one day over fifty.

I enjoyed the history—St. Margaret’s Chapel, Rosslyn Chapel, and Stirling Castle.

I liked the fact that most things were within reasonable walking distance.

I loved the weather—especially the cool, cloudy, but not actually rainy days. Apparently Scotland was experiencing an unseasonably dry period as we had sunny days for at least a week in June.

Edinburgh is the greenest capital in Europe. I enjoyed all the trees. The flowers were lovely as well and there are many wild flowers, or flowers that appear wild, growing despite having no caretakers.

I liked having two separate rooms for bedroom and living room, with doors between both.

I enjoyed watching television! My favorite shows were:
Grin, a Scots What-Not-to-Wear program that is produced in Gaelic, but was subtitled in English. So I got to hear Gaelic, but could still follow it.
Time Team, a British archaeology show.
The Quest for Bannockburn, a specially produced, possibly Scottish, archaeology special.