Traveling to Wales

June 30, Monday, Cardiff
The train went smoothly to Newcastle. Then it was announced that we must get off and that the train was returning to Edinburgh, rather than going on to Bristol as planned. There had been a fatality on/with a train farther south. (At first I thought they said “in the gallery,” which I took to mean in the galley, but eventually I found out it was “in Darlington.”)

We spent two hours in Newcastle, trying to figure out better train arrangements.

We eventually got on the 1:35 train to Bristol.

As we left Cheltenham Spa, we saw there was a train leaving for Cardiff Bay in only 10 minutes, but we weren’t off in Cheltenham Spa.

When we got to Bristol, it was a very small station, about the size of Brentwood’s. They announced the Cardiff Bay train was running anywhere from 28 to 42 minutes late.

It did eventually come and we didn’t have to go back into Cheltenham Spa to get there. Instead we crossed straight over to Newport. Then down to Cardiff.

We got a cab at the Cardiff Bay train station. It was £6 to the house.

We arrived with no troubles around 7:30 pm. We met our hostess, from China, put our stuff in our room, and went out to find a grocery store and dinner. The way we went, which followed mapping directions, felt very unsafe. It was filthy. We didn’t have any trouble though.

We stopped at a chicken place and got some chicken strips to go.

Then we walked down the street eating them and went in the Tesco Express. I got some milk, wipes for my make-up, and cookies. The cookies are terrible. Ron got two kinds of chips. We came back to the house and went to bed.