Funny Meme off Facebook

It said to google your name and “is a” so I did.

I’m an Akkadian misinterpretation for Babylon, though actually I am a city quarter.

My youngest son is a collection of small literary units. That made me giggle.

My eldest son:
Elijah is a loyal friend. When he holds you in his arms you never want him to let go. Elijah makes you feel beautiful about yourself <3. “Thanks for the blanket”….. ” That’s an Elijah. by luvnheartbeat February 14, 2011. 786 457. Merch. 6. Elijah.

And my husband? He is a time traveling dumbledore. But only three down he is a focused and realistic person. When you click on that link, it says that he is the guy you should throw your arms and legs around and hold on tight. LOVE IT!

3,900-year-old Suit of Bone Armor

relevant to Dielli

i09 has a post on the armor, with pictures and drawn images.

Archaeologists working near Omsk in Siberia have discovered a complete suit of bone armor that likely belonged to an elite warrior. Found in near perfect condition, the unique armor dates back to the Bronze Age.