We moved offices August 1. Well, I didn’t, because I was still in the UK. But the stuff got moved. Not all my stuff, though. I had moved it out when the sewer pipe broke and my antique cupboard had been left in the crap.

Most of my stuff is still at the storage unit.

In my office I have my antique desk, far too small and short to work at, a small fridge on a wall table to get it up off the floor and where I can reach it easier. My tiny typewriter table, which is actually a very nice end table with my green sari over it. My blue chair. Love my blue chair. My brown rolling chair. My black rolling chair. Six boxes of books–either this semester’s or Nancy’s. And my paintings. One oil, two digital prints, and the watercolor original that the grad school left for the English department.

My office has 14 foot high ceilings. It is 13×9. They are going to build bookshelves for one of the long and one of the short walls. The long wall shelves are going to be 8 feet high. The short wall shelves will go under the window. Aside from my desk and fridge, there are probably three feet of space on the door wall that is available. The filing cabinets are inside the walk-in safe which is the department’s closet–and is in my office and takes up the other short wall.

I have modern furniture and an antique desk. I have modern art in plain black frames. I have a fragile gold and purple tea cup and a black and gold Art Deco bowl that Mom bought. I have a Pursuit mug with pencils and pens in it.

I need a rug. I was thinking red because I brought the red blanket here, but I could also have orange, which is the blanket at home. Both red and orange are in my blue pear painting. The grad office watercolor has red and purple, as well as the predominant blue. So red would work best for that. My tiny digital women’s faces pictures are mostly blue, with some purple, green, and red. So really red would be best. But the reds are all different and that is hard to match.

I found a red/orange/yellow rug at that I like. It’s 7.7×10.5, which would cover most of the floor in my office and really would be too big. I didn’t realize it, but a lot of the floor will be covered by desk and bookshelf. So I really need something closer to 4×6. Even the rug I have at home, two colors of blue none of which are matched by the blues in any of the paintings, is even too big.