Other Questions

Last week the preacher talked about Joseph and what a great guy he was. God picked him to be Jesus’ stepfather–which proves he was a great guy. I’m going with that interpretation because I like it. Also, because the only thing we really know about Joseph is that when he found out his fiancee was pregnant he decided to put her away quietly, so she wouldn’t be reviled. Then, when he found out she hadn’t been sleeping around on him, he took her into his home and didn’t sleep with her till after Jesus was born–that way everyone else assumed Jesus was his baby.

I like those two things.

But I wonder… why didn’t God tell Joseph when he told Mary? Why let Joseph have to deal with the stress of thinking that Mary had sex with someone?

The Star, the Magi, and Questions about Death

Preacher read from Matthew 2 today. I listened to the sermon, but what struck me about the reading was that it appeared that the star got the magi on the way but didn’t get them all the way to Bethlehem.

They saw the star, knew it was the king of the Jews and headed out. Then they went to Jerusalem for directions.

Then after they heard Jesus was in Bethlehem, they got back on the way and the star they had seen when it rose came and guided them in.

That sounds like in the middle maybe the star disappeared.

I also have to wonder why God let them go to Jerusalem. Since he gave them a vision not to go back to Jerusalem, couldn’t he have given them a vision to go to Bethlehem and not had Herod kill off all the under 2 baby boys in Bethlehem and the surrounding area? Why did Herod need to kill all those babies? I mean, yes, Herod chose to do it, but I am sure he chose lots of other awful things. Why did God give him the opportunity of that one?

Suffering and Pain

I have been considering for the last few Sundays (and I am unsure why it is only on Sunday, put perhaps that is the only day I slow down and actually think) about God’s view of suffering and pain.

Jesus came, knowing his life would be hard and his end would be horrible. God/Jesus was “good” with that. It was important and it was necessary.

When I moved to NewTown I hoped life would be perfect, but it is not. Somewhere along the way of this move I realized that God did not promise surcease of pain or suffering. He only promises that I can endure it and that he will be there with me through it.

I have often wondered if there is a point to pain and suffering. When we are experiencing pain is there something we need to learn? Are others supposed to learn from our suffering? Are we here as an example? And I don’t know. I’ve often heard people say so, but as I age I realize that there are many things I have heard people say that are not true.

Right now all I can say is that suffering and pain exist, sometimes because of our own choices, often because of the bad choices of others, and often because of “natural” things that (as far as I now know) have no human cause. Pain and suffering are here to stay–at least until Jesus returns.

Singing in the Hall

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Correct me if I err, but there was a time in American history where people singing to themselves in public was significantly more common, right? It is a common enough occurrence in old movies, esp. westerns, to hear this…

That’s not history.

That’s Hollywood.

from the CHE fora

Oh, so I’m Truman? Because I sing to myself in public–though not usually when I realize anyone is around. Then I just hum.

Crepes for Dead Day Brunch

I made crepes for Dead Day brunch. These are the recipes for fillings.

Crepe fillings

• 1 c applesauce
• 1/4 cup raisins
• 2 Tablespoons brown sugar
• 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Thoroughly mix apple, raisins, brown sugar and cinnamon. Heat in microwave on high for about 2 minutes. Spoon liberally (about two Tablespoons) into each crepe and fold. Serve with a topping of either maple syrup of left-over apple mixture.

Hazelnuts and bananas

• 1 20-ounce can crushed pineapple – drained
• 1 11-ounce can mandarin oranges – drained
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 1 8-ounce carton of frozen whipped cream topping – thawed

Mix together pineapple, oranges, and vanilla extract. Fold in the whipped topping.

They are excellent tasting and smelling. I hope the crepes are as good re-heated.

aka receipt

Surprising News

Thursday I went to pick up my father at the airport in the Metroplex. After we were in the car he said, “I have something to tell you, but I will wait till you aren’t driving.”

As my father is a big kidder, I figured this was a joke and just moved on.

When we were sitting waiting for our lunch orders to be delivered he told me that the two-week trip I thought he was here for was actually a “I’m thinking I will move to Your Town” trip.

That was a shocker!

We have been looking into retirement communities, apartments, duplexes, and houses for rent.

He said he wanted somewhere where you could walk to the grocery store and some restaurants. There is a good place not far from my work where I could easily see him at least once a day and he could walk to 7 restaurants and a grocery story in two blocks, with sidewalks.

He didn’t like that place.

I like that place. I wouldn’t be worried about him getting lost or run over.

Where he wants to go is on the other side of town (about 4.5 miles from my house and 10 minute drive) near the mall. There are lots more places to go to, but there are no sidewalks and the traffic is constant.

I don’t think he will really end up walking to very many of the places he could walk to, but he might. Getting out and walking would certainly be good for him, if he didn’t get run over.

I am a little concerned that he will just end up staying in his apartment all the time. But I am also concerned that he will get out to walk somewhere and end up unable to return because he either got lost or he was too worn out.

However, this is the town he is most likely to be able to live in and walk to places like he wants to. It will work, I think.

I do want to take him to one of the complexes and then get out and walk with him to one of the restaurants for lunch. Give him a taste of what it will be like. It’s about a quarter of a mile to a half mile walk–which isn’t that far and he’s done it before. BUT he is out of shape right now and he’ll be walking that when it is very cold and potentially icy as well as when it is 100 degrees–which will not be good for him.

I don’t think it will actually hurt him; it will just be difficult. But it will be something that he can do on his own and that may help keep him alive because he enjoys being independent.

Probably before I take him to walk it, I should go and walk it. Then I’ll know whether the ground is flat or full of holes and can see how difficult it will be.

Checking on him will be more difficult at these apartments–as I will have to go there specifically to check on him, but that’s okay, too. He’s my dad and I love him.

God, please let him do the kinds of things he wants to do safely. Help him make good choices.