November Thanks from FB

I am grateful to be with family over the holidays and to know that my dog is in good hands at home. I am grateful that not all the trees here had lost their leaves and I was able to see a bunch of beautiful autumn colors today as Ron Davis and I drove around NW Arkansas for about an hour. I am grateful for good food and football–especially since we got near malls, but everyone was home because the Razorbacks were playing.
I am grateful that I know what real love looks like and that I have seen so many other couples who love each other, too. (Link to What Real Love Looks Like.)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Facebook friends, near and far. May the blessings you have received in the past year shine brightly in your memory this day. Thank you for being my friends!

Grateful for the opportunity to play board games with my family. We played several rounds of Splendor, Kim B! Thanks for the introduction.

I am grateful for a safe trip to Arkansas and in-laws who are blessings.

I am grateful for people who stand for right and compassion. Please, God, give me more compassion and the strength to stand up for what is right.

I am grateful for freedom of religion and assembly, for church and supper clubs, for sharing meals with folks and friends. (We had supper club that evening. It was awesome.)

Missed 21st.

I am grateful for my siblings. Chris calls me at least once a week–and often every day. Stephanie always opens her home for me to stay at, even when I don’t have time to hang out with her. Jeanna is such a caring, giving person–she took care of our folks when they were ill. Thank you, God, for sending me three great folks to call family.

I am grateful for students who are interested in doing well, who work hard throughout the semester, and come into the final weeks with a strong record behind them. I am also grateful for students who are less interested–or less knowledgable in how to do well–who continue working and come in for help so that they can finish strong. I guess I am grateful to have students. I have such awesome ones.

I am grateful for my husband, who listens when I want to talk, cheers me up when I am blue, holds me, encourages me, and generally walks beside me. I am grateful for MAD and EJ, the two sons that God gifted me with 23 and 24 years ago. I am grateful for my family and the wonderful memories that I have of the boys growing up.

I am grateful for rain–and the lack of it while walking the dog this morning, a dog to walk, a warm house to come home to, healthy and tasty food to eat (and the sugary really bad for you stuff, too), nice clothes, and a job I love. Thank you, God, for the blessings you have filled my life with.

Three sets of my students from my business writing class participated in the final rounds of Springboard’s Elevator Pitch. All of them did a good job. Two of the groups won cash prizes.

Missed 15, 14, 13, 12.

Honoring all who served… Special thanks. To all the veterans who have served this country, I give my thanks.
Thank you, God, for a wonderful place to live with freedom of speech, religion, assembly, press..

I am grateful for my bunko group–and our regular subs, like Stephanie Hamm. Thank you, God, for my friends and sisters in bunko.
Thank you for your service. Happy birthday, Marines.

I am grateful for the friends who made my transition back to Abilene a blessing: KLC, MD, and DJW. I’ve enjoyed working with y’all.

My sister Jeanna’s birthday. I am thankful for all three of my siblings: Chris, Jeanna, and Stephanie.

Ethnos was AWESOME!

Today I am grateful for my boys who ate lunch with me at Pizza Hut.

I am especially grateful today for five dear, close friends who have supported me throughout the years: KB, AB, AC, BG, and PM.

I love fall. I miss forests of trees in burnt oranges, burgundies, scarlets, and golds. One thing I am grateful for is that the trees were turning when we were in Flagstaff.
I am grateful for my nephew, Ashton, and my three nieces, Emily, Reagan, and Aby. KVT, when you see the Houston three, please give them hugs for me.

On this third of November, a month of blessings among all the years of blessings, I am grateful for a comfortable bed, a cool pillow, and a sexy man to sleep with. Thank you, God.

For dia de los muertos, and the month of thanksgiving, I am remembering those who have gone on before.
My great-grandmother Rill who taught me Psalm 117 when I was two years old and let me dip crackers in my hot tea at the Chinese restaurant.
My grandma Helen who had a basement full of art supplies. Even though I rarely found anything I could use, I loved to investigate her treasures, and she was always willing to let me.
My grandma Haston would make a 10-pound bag of potatoes for my brother and I for breakfast. (This was before I knew about my nightshade allergies.)
My great-grandfather Ben who bought me a yarn and cloth doll with blond hair, blue eyes, and a blue dress.
My grampa Guy whose rough voice and hands were gentle talking to the grands. I loved cigar smoke because of Grampa Guy.
My uncle Guy who would carry us around on his shoulders and let us be 8 feet tall.
My great-grandmother Lee, the granddaughter of Annie Fisher, Cherokee from the Trail of Tears, and how quiet she was when we visited her.
My grampa Haston who said “a whistling woman and a crowing hen will always come to no good end.” So far, I’ve avoided that prophecy! He would pick cherries and give us some straight out of the bucket. Same for grapes. I remember him tipping his coffee into his saucer and drinking it from there. I loved pipe smoke because of Grampa Haston.
Oma White, who I know was waiting for Momma when she arrived.
Bee Shaver who was also there, waiting to welcome my parents home.
I’m old enough now that I could write a long time on this post. Mostly though, I just wanted to say, thank you, God, for sending me folks to love me throughout my life who have marked the trail ahead of me and let me know that while the passage isn’t always comfortable, it is a journey worth completing.

November 1, All Saints’ Day. I am thankful for my parents–Mom and Dad–who have been gone 6 years and 2 weeks… I am thankful that God gave them to me and me to them. I am thankful that they were with me for so long (though it feels too short). I am thankful for photographs with them in it, my father’s journals, my mother’s firm belief in God and his willingness to answer our prayers. Thank you, God, for all the saints who have gone before us–especially our parents.