Cleaning and the Kitchen

I suggested to Ron that we go through the kitchen and give away, throw away, and rehouse everything. He said it would take multiple days and he wasn’t up for that. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t be. Just because my office and the media room are covered in things I’ve been “tidying” he thinks it will happen again?

Yes, he’s right. I’m not working on but I am thinking about my office.


I need to clean up the house. I need to get rid of stuff. It is starting to stress me out to the max, but the idea of actually doing it is also freaking me out.

I wonder if I could find someone to come do it with me?

Today I spent most of the time doing Toastmasters and then driving around looking at potential home sites with Ron, even though we won’t be moving for quite a while.

I have hours, but I just can’t bear to deal with it. Maybe if I just hired someone to take it all away?

Weight and Measurements: A History of Mine

The lowest weight I have on record was 9/04 at 154.8. This was after another week (back) on BFL, 100 days on QWLC, following 48 weeks of BFL, and 12 or 15 weeks of Physique Transformation.

The highest weight I can find is 179/180 which is from 2012. But that’s also where I was (unrecorded) at the middle of November of 20015.

So 170s appears to be my “I can’t take it; gotta get it off” weight. My sticking/set point appears to have been 154/155.

154/155 is my lowest weight in 21 years.

I am within 14 pounds of that, which does not seem to be a stretch for do-able. But maybe the weight is just way slower than I think. … Looking at the 154 as my lowest weight, I must have been almost 200 when I started BFL. (I know I gained weight and never really got down low on Physique transformation.)

Looking for measurements and weight on this blog, I found some the end results of my BFL experience from 2002/2003.
January 26, 2003
After 44 weeks on BFL and having lost a final count of 42 pounds and 27 inches, I am bailing. I’ve been losing muscle, not fat, in the last few weeks and nothing I could do would change it.

On BFL I lost 45 pounds of fat in 42 weeks or 40 pounds in 48 weeks. (It depends on whether you look at the end or where I lost the most.)


On October 6, 2004, I weighed 155.8. (That was after being off BFL for over a year.)

In 2008, looking through my paper reports I wrote:
My lowest weight in the last 12 years was in September of 2004 when I weighed 154.8 after 100 days on QWLC and a week [back] on BFL… Maybe to get the best weight loss, I need to cycle through the diets.

March 17, 2008 176.8

I started on the ketogenic diet with my measurements at 43-37-43 and with my weight at 176.6.

Two weeks and 7.7 pounds later (168.9), I am at 41-36.75-42.75, so all the weight loss appears to be in my bust. However, my new bras still fit well, so I am not too distressed at that. It may mean, however, that I need to wait to purchase more bras until another month or two into the program.

March 17, 2008- Happy St. Patrick’s day to ya’, darlin’.
176.8 43.9% fat (78 lbs)
I need to go get my measurements.
43-34-43 My waist is bigger than my ribs. (So that 34 was probably my belly button)
th 23.5 calf 15 upper arm 13.5 wrist 6.75 neck 14

Looking at “measurements” in my phone, I find that in 2012 I was on a diet. These measurements are from July and August.

The first two weeks (7/16/12-7/27/12), I lost 4.55 inches, but I had not written my measurements into my phone at that point.

On July 27, 2012 my measurements were
40.75 breasts
33.5 under ribs
38.25 belly button (which is the widest spot)
42.5 hips
13.8 upper arm
22.75 thigh
14.75 calf

I would guess that quite a bit of the measurement were off the breasts, but some off the other points. That is just guessing.

July 22, 2012 my weight was recorded at 176. This was in the middle of the first two weeks (mentioned above). I would guess that my weight was probably 179 or 180 when I started. That is only a guess though.

19 days later the measurements (August 20, 2012) were
39 breasts
32.75 under ribs
35.5 belly button
42 hip

At that point I was obviously lifting weights, because my arm and thighs went up and my calves, which went up in the interim, were back down to 14.75.

In November of 2013, I took measurements.
40.5 breasts
33 under ribs
35.75 belly buton
41.25 hips
13.5 arm
22.75 thigh
15 calf

I don’t know what my weight was.

July 20, 2014, when we had been in the UK for two months, I also took measurements.
41 breasts
35.5 under ribs
41 belly button
43 hips
24 thigh
15.5 calf

I am surprised that my belly was so large. That is quite a bit larger than I have been in years. Note that my breasts are smaller than my hips, which usually indicates I have been dieting or doing a lot of exercise. That’s a big belly.

I was a solid size 12 (16 UK) when we were in Holloway (London) at the end of our stay.

Based on the fact that we were doing quite a bit of walking, I would guess that the leg measurements are due to increased muscle.

November 30, 2015 are the first measurements I took this year. (Though the week before I had weighed 179.6.)
43 breasts
37 mid-belly (which is close to the belly button but not exactly, maybe a quarter of an inch difference)

Today (12/13/15) I took new measurements.
41 breasts
35 under ribs
36.75 mid belly
42.75 hips
13 arm
23/21 thigh (at largest and smallest)
15 calf
weight: (which was not recorded on some of the others) 168.9

Hip and breasts are very close today (12/13/15) to the measurements I took in England (7/20/14).

Ketogenic Diet

We’ve been on a ketogenic diet (or trying to be on one) for 2 weeks now. I have been looking at research into ketogenic diets, which still includes “high protein,” though the diet we are on limits ideal protein intake to 20% of calories. (Same for the carbs.)

This meta-analysis shows that a ketogenic diet improves the human body.

It lowers diabetic incidence.
It lowers epileptic seizure.
It encourages weight loss.
It lowers problems related to Alzheimer’s.
It reduces autism.

At two weeks on a (mostly) ketogenic diet, I have lost 7.7 pounds. I had lost 3 pounds the week before we started (which was Thanksgiving week); I attribute this to being at my in-laws and just eating less in general.

TMI: I slept in and after lunch today I had two large bowel movements, which lead me to believe that had they preceded lunch, I would have registered more weight loss.

Inches lost remains minimal in areas of interest.

I read somewhere related to Dr. D’Agostino (probably the keto-diet resource) that exercise is 20% of the change in body and diet is 80%. That has definitely been my experience.

December Thanks

Dec. 1
I am grateful for the internet, where I can see how friends and their kiddos are doing, look up calorie counts, and browse real estate. It can be fun, relaxing, and calming–in addition to other, less positive, attributes.

Dec. 3
I appreciate how much my students care. They have a lot of zeal.

Dec. 4
I am so grateful for second chances. I know that none of us is perfect; certainly I am not. And sometimes I don’t want to give second chances. I don’t want to regrade that paper because student wasn’t paying attention in class before the paper was written and therefore will get a 0 for not citing any of their sources. But I will. And I will be grateful that I can give second chances. I am grateful that many someones over the years have given me second chances.