After talking about the house for three weeks, having seen it twice, we decided to go back and look at it again and make an offer. It probably says something about my mixed feelings that all the good things in the house I took for granted (the awesome floors, the cool lights) and I saw all the visible flaws.

I am sitting here right now keeping my mouth shut, but thinking about how it isn’t going to really work for us. The man cave is dark, which I guess is good for movies, but not great for SADS. Why is he taking the man cave for his office? Because there isn’t another one. There aren’t four bedrooms, though the man cave makes the third living room.

It doesn’t have big closets… or it has some big closets and others that are big but not set up for hanging clothes. It’s enough of an issue that Ron says we will need to buy armoires. Why are we buying a house without closet space? That was one of the problems here. Well, it does have closet space, just not in the bedrooms.

The yard is HUGE, which means I will be purchasing a riding lawn mower.

The sprinkler system may technically be installed, but it doesn’t work at all. The pump isn’t even on our property. What the heck is up with that?

Ron wants me to get rid of the pool table, again.

I thought about saying I would take the man cave and he could have a bedroom for his office, but that won’t really work because I need a bathroom and there’s not one back there. I also thought about putting in a bathroom back there and making it the guest room, but he’s planning to use it for a television viewing room. That will definitely keep it away from the master in terms of noise, so I am looking forward to that.

I’m not too thrilled that it feels like it isn’t a solid house. The beams in the structure are wooden. How long does wood last for that? Well, the good news is the piers are concrete. And in 2014 there didn’t seem to be any problem with the wood, so maybe that is fine. I think it is weird that the N4th house had steel and this house, built 30 years later, has wood. But according to what I read, that’s not really a problem.

That’s good.

The house inspection report from 2 years ago shows several areas of deficiency:
electrical, which they did nothing about
ducts and insulation, which they did nothing about
water leakage under the house, which they did nothing about
plumbing/drainage, the draining and the flushing were slow, there was corrosion, AND there were cast iron pipes visible in the crawl space–which I guess means we should have a plumber come out and check–Ron will not be happy about calling a plumber. Although a plumber could also look at the water heater and tell us what needs to be done about that.

He has already called HVAC people, electrical, and foundation. He hasn’t heard back from foundation people or electrical on whether they can come. What are we going to do if they can’t? We really need to know. Our house here was $20k to do foundation. The owners took half of that. Why did we buy a house with $10k in repairs? Because we liked the kitchen. However, $10k ended up being $15K once we moved in, so I really want to know as much about issues as we can.

Does that mean we should just plan on needing an extra $5k once we get in? Maybe. That sucks.

How much is going to be too much repair for this house? If we’re talking tens of thousands of dollars for delayed maintenance, I am not going to be happy, but I don’t think Ron would care. He flat out said we could put $20k into and not be a problem.

The realtor says the house is priced low, but the house isn’t priced low for that area. The two Moore houses and the Whittier house are all in that price range and that square footage.

I am afraid this house, cool and funky though it is, is going to be a sinkhole for money. Yes, we have money. No, that is not how I want to spend it.

The KW house people are looking at getting a new mortgage now. We may get that money soon. That would be awesome. Of course, it would have been more awesome to get it while we were still looking for houses. At this point it would be most awesome to get it before we have to pay for a loan. God, could we get it soon?