Joy List

fan going
lovely porch with the flowers and the view of Fred B’s front yard
the dog beside me on the couch
walking a few blocks in Coleman to check out three antique shops
iced tea at Waverly in Coleman
getting to show off R’s car to an Elon Musk fan
Crayola Fun Straws
pop rocks in multiple flavors
having a taste of Pecan Pie bar
seeing one like Melanie’s black panther for sale
taking pics of the brick room
making breakfast for R and Michael K
taking the dog for a walk (4th day since she can start exercising again!)
tee shirt that fits
Havarti cheese on my eggs for breakfast
chicken caesar salad for lunch
glasses that are blue and help me see
having unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher
settling in for a short summer’s nap
seeing a vaseline-glass punch bowl
spending time with Jo at the antique shop
eating at Red Robin with Jo
having Mary bring me my tea with two lemons before I asked for it
Terry Brooks’ Shannarra series on television–It is really interesting. I don’t remember the books.
eating cheese
drinking Coke Zero