Blessings July 13-27

Friday July 13
checked and answered email
*This is a big deal because I have been avoiding email like the plague. DH says it is because of the trauma that came by email.
Slept well.
Walked dog.
Got invited to a make-up class with friends.

Saturday July 14
went to 2 new antique shops in town–said I was going to try to go Thursday, but did today. ]
*Only one was open. The other is only open the first weekend of the month. It’s in the place where my dad bought Lij’s furniture.
Bought an absolutely gorgeous vintage freshwater pearl necklace. It is beautiful. Also purchased drop faux pearl earrings. (Think they might be gold, but might be faux that, too.)
Texted Jo about it. She came over to see the necklace. Said it looked great with the green-blue dress I was wearing.
I didn’t think Ron would like the necklace but I modeled it and he did!
Jo offered to make earrings that match the necklace. Will have to order spacers. Need to giver her $$.
Jo brought the puppy dog tennis balls. He is good at catching.

Sunday July 15
Went to Beltway for church
tried to go to CowboyBBQ and Abihaus for lunch, but closed or slow. We had chicken for lunch.
Got about 20 of the weekend field research projects done for PokeGo.
made country club muffins (not great, better after freezing and reheating)

Monday July 16
got the oil changed on my car
ordered the purple Edwardian skirt to show DH that Amazon was working for me, even on Prime Day
took the give away stuff to Salvation Army
met MrsWeemDog and talked about kids, anniversaries, trips
did laundry

Tuesday July 17
watered the lawn
walked the dog

Wednesday July 18
walked the dog
walked at HSU
had a good TM meeting, even though started 2 minutes late (ended on time, though!)

Thursday July 19
survived the SHHS trustee meeting
got some of the things done
finished the agenda in only 1.5 hours

Friday July 20
drove to Dallas for the weekend
got some new pokestops

Saturday July 21
walked 9 miles
went to Chase on foot to get $$
went to Luke’s Locker and got 2 pairs of shoes
talked to South African clerk with a wonderful accent
went to Dragon Statue Park
saw an exceptionally good show at Vivas

Sunday July 22
walked for 1 hour
got Alolan Raichu in a raid
ate breakfast at Mockingbird Diner

Monday July 23
weight lifting with Penny
walked early with dog at home
watered lawn
finished Haven Point series by R Thayne

Tuesday July 24
found mid-century drapes for DH. They pull in the wall and carpet colors. They look good.
did 2 raids with DH
got to talk Pokemon with a teen, a 10yo, and their dad

Wednesday July 25
Diana did an amazing table topics with pom poms and a panel of three folks.
I gave my speech on mentoring.
took Ron’s phone and fixed his pokemon names
did a raid with Ron’s phone
we had lunch together at Pizza by Design
ate those left overs for supper
went by PetSmart for puppy training information
got rods for Ron’s drapes
bought mat for guest bathroom to replace the one that got peed on a month or so ago

Thursday July 26
walked dog for an hour
finished edits on Jo’s chapter 3
watered 1/2 lawn
checked and answered email
wrote the notes up into a Tall Tale for tonight’s open mike at AWG
did Table Topics at AAS TM
went to AWG and read my Uncle Guy tall tale

Friday July 27
walked dog
watered lawn
got the pickup filled up
Ron killed about 20 of the wasps on the truck
finished this list
got stuff ready for trip to Austin to see the elders off to Malaysia
ate a great spinach salad at Natural Food Center with hubby