Fall 2012 Induction

Sigma Tau Delta: Tau Epsilon has four new members this fall! We have never had a fall induction before, but having a fall induction allows folks graduating in December to still become part of Sigma Tau Delta. Two of our new members are graduating in December.

These are pictures from the induction:

Ashley Alexander, 2012-13 Vice President, and Elisa Wyrick, one of our newest members. This photograph was taken in the rotunda during refreshments after the induction.


A photograph of Ashley Dillin, new member, being introduced to the society and given her journals and brass bookmark. Ashley will be graduating in December.


Natalie Navejas accompanied her grandmother and the speaker for the induction, Dr. Nancy Shankle.

Thank you, Dr. Shankle, for your pertinent and intriguing speech for the induction ceremony.


Sigma Tau Delta’s 2012-13 president, Chris Fields, introduced Elisa Wyrick during the induction ceremony. This is in the rotunda while everyone was enjoying cupcakes and punch.


Elisa Wyrick, Dr. Joe Stephenson, and Dr. Nancy Shankle, in the rotunda after the induction ceremony.

Dr. Stephenson came to the induction solely to support our amazing majors like Elisa Wyrick. Thank you, Dr. Stephenson.

Ashley Dillin and Philip Miranda in the rotunda for refreshments, chatting with Chris Fields (not in photograph).

Induction Experience

At the induction, Dr. Suanna H. Davis, one of the co-sponsors for Sigma Tau Delta, introduced the society and the day’s proceedings.

Dr. Nancy Shankle then presented an excellent talk on the importance of education in the world, particularly noting the importance of English degrees and Christians serving through our majors and careers.

Following that, the president and vice president of Sigma Tau Delta read the biographies of the new members who attended the induction and welcomed them to the society. Each new member received a copy of Sigma Tau Delta’s Critical Writing journal, Sigma Tau Delta’s Creative Writing journal, and a brass bookmark.

When the official induction was completed, we adjourned to the rotunda and had miniature cupcakes and punch.