Induction Spring 2014

Thirteen members of Sigma Tau Delta, along with their families and friends, were in attendance at this year’s induction on March 29th in Chapel on the Hill.

Sigma Tau Delta-0075Erica Stallings, from the Abilene Chamber of Commerce, spoke on English after college and the importance of reading, writing, and grammar in the everyday work world. She encouraged the members of Sigma Tau Delta in their plans to enter education, publishing, and marketing, but said that the ability to read and write well is an essential component of many jobs. “Your writing is being judged all the time,” she told the group.

Two senior members, Ashley Alexander and Javan Furlow, officers for 2012-2013, received their certificates and cords at the induction.
Sigma Tau Delta-0089

After being corded, they assisted Dr. Suanna Davis, sponsor of Sigma Tau Delta, in the induction ceremony for the new members. (This year’s officers were out of town presenting at the Alpha Chi Conference.)
Sigma Tau Delta-0091

Eleven of the twenty new members of Sigma Tau Delta were inducted into the Honor Society and received a journal and a memorial bookmark, handed to them by either Javan or Ashley.

Sigma Tau Delta-0094

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More than fifty people participated in the ceremony and enjoyed the refreshments afterwards.

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New Sigma Tau Delta members at the induction:
Ben Clardy V
Nicholas Fields
Angela Fogle
Abilgail Fransen
Chandler Gum
Emily Moses
Lauren Noack
Kalyn Prince
Amanda Rigby
Tyler Sirman
Alikay Wood

New Sigma Tau Delta members who were unable to attend the induction:
Julia Curtis
Regan Dismukes
Rory Harris
Maggie Marshall
Whitney Pittard
Brandy Rains
Lauren Shrader
Victoria Stowe
Kelsey Weems