Christianity across Generations

From Barna:
“few Christian Millennials today are willing to share their faith with others (and in fact think it’s wrong to do so)”

“a big drop among Millennials, with just shy of two-thirds claiming Christianity (64%)”

“self-identified Christians who attend church every month and say their faith is very important in their lives). Almost four in 10 Elders (37%) practice their faith in this way, again trending down from Boomers (30%) to Gen X (26%) and Millennials (22%).”

“Christians of all ages report high participation in prayer (perhaps not a surprise given that the “spiritual but not religious” are a fast growing group in America today and prayer is an accessible, less institutionally mediated faith practice).”

“Practicing Christians are almost twice as likely as self-identified Christians to have read the Bible in the last 7 days, with Millennials and Boomers reporting the top percentages (71% each).”

“About four in 10 of all Christians and two-thirds of practicing Christians profess the Bible’s credibility.”