Day 16: BFL

Went for a bike ride again today. No attacking ducks though.

Yesterday I really tried to eat a lot more fiber, eat more calories (mine have been dipping low again), and make sure I had at least five meals. The BFL program recommends six meals, but when you're a woman looking at between 1200 and 1400 calories, you can't make six meals very well.

Had a tuna sandwich for breakfast. I know that probably freaks some people out, but I didn't grow up eating breakfast foods, so for me it's “normal” to have something that I would have for lunch or dinner.

1 thought on “Day 16: BFL

  1. Okay, he told me that there are poor cultures that aren't like these on this site. He is quite right. I guess I should have narrowed the window, but I am not quite sure how without appearing racist. Certainly most of the poor urban whites I know fall into the culture detailed on the website. So do most of the poor urban blacks. The poor urban Asians, one or two generations in America, appear to have a different culture, but I wonder if that is wearing off. I had a student this last semester who quit because he didn't want to be the “good eldest son” who supported his parents.


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