TV: Love by Design

Okay, I like design shows. I like HGTV and TLC's programs about re-designing houses. I watch or have watched most of them: Room by Room, Trading Spaces, Surprised by Design, While You Were Out, Room for Change, Decorating Cents, and Sensible Chic.

But I've found a show that's just too over the top for me.

Love by Design.

It's kind of a remake of the old 70s Dating Game. There's a guy. There are three women. The guy is interviewed, not for the girls but for the viewers. Then the women are interviewed. Included in their interviews are an examination of their homes and questions about why they picked this or that color or piece of furniture. Then the guy is taken to the three women's homes. Then he picks one of the women, based on their homes, and that woman gets a room redone. Then they bring the woman in to see her new room and the guy in to meet the girl. An interesting dating concept.

I have to admit that having an entire room furnished by a designer is a great first date present.

But the concept is just a little too out there for me.

Reality shows that don't mimic reality along with designer shows… Weird

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