Okay, I've had it.

When we moved here two and a half years ago, I was amazed at how many telemarketers were calling. It used to be that I'd get maybe one a week. Here I get two or more every day.

That was bad enough. But then when I wasn't home, the computers would record telemarketer messages. So I'm listening to them as “saved messages.”

In the last ten days, my cell phone has rung at least once a day with “Unknown.” I answered it the first time and got no response. So I haven't answered it since.

Today, though, I answered my cell phone assuming it was my husband.

It was a freaking telemarketer. They're calling my cell phone, where I pay for the minutes, to sell me something.

She said who she was and who she was calling for and I, original Miss Manners, interrupted her and said, “NO! No, I am not going to listen to you sell me something on my cell phone where I am paying for the minutes.” And I hung up.

I'm going to find the opt out program and pay whatever it takes to get off these lists.

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