Day 18

Okay. I've been doing fairly well with BFL. So far this time my biggest problem is getting sufficient calories to not be in starvation mode.

I like doing weight lifting with my husband. (When he's doing curls, he gets totally naked. That makes it a bit hard to concentrate, but immensely more fun.)

I have really come to love my bike. Which is amazing considering I hadn't been on a bike since I was 12 years old until I started BFL in March. (For those of you who might wonder, that's 28 years ago.)

Today, however, I made a mistake. I had too many carbs with one meal and I crashed. I couldn't stay awake, which was bad because I was playing a game with my sons. I went to sleep and slept for 2 solid hours. UGGGH.

The meal was:

turkey chili, 150 cal., 20 g. protein, 2 g. fat

fat free cheese, 45 cal, 9 g. protein

quarter cup of beans, 60 cal, 3 g. protein

whole wheat bread slice, 60 cal, 4 g. protein, 1 g. fat

That looks like a good meal to me. But it wasted me. So… guess I can't have bread and beans together.

Or maybe I am staving off my husband's illness. (I would like to avoid it all together.)

When I woke up I had a tuna sandwich, half a can of tuna and one piece of bread and went on a bike ride. I still feel tired, but I am better.

2 thoughts on “Day 18

  1. You didn't give the carb break down. What was the ratio?

    Also you could just be tired. You're doing a lot of extra areobic exercise. Maybe you're just pooped.

    r []

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