Shopping for Women's Lingerie

Found a great article on shopping for women's lingerie. It's called Thong or Bikini, Sir?. It is a man's perspective on shopping for lingerie.

There is also, within this guide, a link to a wonderful looking on-line store for upscale women's lingerie. The photos are a bit daring, perhaps, for more conservative tastes, but they are well done. Also, I just love the name of the site Agent Provocateur.

1 thought on “Shopping for Women's Lingerie

  1. Hey, Raoul. I try to read through folks' blogs when I am online (which is not as much as most bloggers, apparently). If I have something to say, I say it.

    I like to know when people are reading my blog and what they think, so I figure the same is true for other people.

    I don't comment if I think what I thought about the blog entry was rude, though.

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