Five Great Movies and Books

Blame the WordGoddess. First, I wish I'd thought of that title. WordGoddess.

She did the Twelve Days of Christmas and I just had to try some of it. But then I realized if I had done that, my whole blog would be forever long today. So I am just going with day 8: Eight of the best books or movies you've read/seen this last year. But I'm just doing five. I haven't thought of any others. If I come up with them I'll add them later.

8 Great Books/Movies

My Big, Fat Greek Wedding. It was a wonderful movie which I went to see with my husband before it was at all the big theaters. We saw it in a tiny artsy theater. It was wonderful. My husband said, “So this is where all the single women go. Wish I'd known that when I was single.” So, guys, if you are looking for a gal, she's at a girl movie either alone or with girlfriends.

I Dare by Miller and Lee is a wonderful science fiction book and an interesting culmination to the story which begins, in sequence, with Scout's Progress and Pilot's Choice. I personally prefer Pilot's Choice and you don't need to have read Scout's Progress to enjoy the sequels. They didn't write or publish them in sequence, though, which means that reading them in order would be fascinating.

Goddess by Mistake by P. C. Cast is also a wonderful book. It is more in the romance genre, with some fantasy thrown in. A 20th century Oklahoma English teacher gets sucked into another world, with centaurs and vampires as just some of the more interesting characters.

Eternal Warriors: The War in Heaven, Book One by Theodore Beale is also a great book. It's the story of a modern boy and an ancient evil and how they end up being the same. It is the story of the fall of Lucifer from Heaven. Some of the theology in the series doesn't mesh with mine, but it's a great story.

The World in Shadow takes up where Eternal Warriors left off. The kids are on earth fighting to save their city from the fallen angels. It's a Columbine type situation. Much shorter than the first book and a much easier read, though a bit more scary since it takes place in the here and now.

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  1. hmm.. i think i would give it a try if it got serious, but as of now i don't have to knwo how to prounouce Eggland's name. It is weird anyway.

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