Liberalism in the classroom.

Plastic carried a story on a site where you can go and post anonymously that a professor was dogmatically imposing his liberalism.

They ended the article with the comment that a student who got a D would report a teacher this way.

First, anonymous is a good thing in some ways. Folks who have a reputation of being a troublemaker are avoided, punished, shunned. (Think about whistleblowers. Been there, done that. Know it's true.)

Second, one anonymous comment shouldn't get anyone even looked at. But if someone is using a college classroom as a liberal podium, I think someone should know. If I were talking about my views prejudicially, I'd certainly get in trouble. (I'm a conservative.)

Third, this is not going to set about McCarthyism. McCartthy was a big name symbol with lots of political power and a nation pretty much in agreement with him. isn't. I couldn't even find the site on Google.

Nonindoctrination was not found by Google.

However, when I put in “indoctrination” I got an interesting page from on refuting postmodernism.

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  1. The name no1 means “no-one”. It means exactly that which I am and am proud to be. If I were self-proclaimed #1, I would have been thrown in jail a while ago espiecially if the mentality of someone whom calls themselves #1 and the current mentality I have now (angst) were put together. No, I am simply no one.

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