Day 25 BFL

Body for lifeis a health challenge wherein which, for 12 weeks, you eat well six days a week and work out, alternating aerobics with weights, six days a week. You get one free day.

The program is fairly simple, see “Getting a hot body” in an earlier blog entry for a more in-depth description.

I am on day 25 of 84.

Today was an aerobics day. I turned on the alarm and got my hubby out of bed to go for his early morning bike ride. However, since he doesn't ride with me and I didn't go to bed till 2:30, I went back to sleep. When I got up, I went on my bike ride. 6.6 miles in about 40 minutes.

I was very slow today. I seem to be running on low energy. I feel like what I really need to do is take a nap, but I don't want to. Sleeping too much is bad for your body, too.

I was talking to my parents yesterday about BFL and told them that right now I have a hard time eating all I am supposed to. It is amazing to me that when I ate mostly (95%) carbs, I was hungry and eating all the time. Now when I have balanced carbs and protein (40% each), I am not hungry. I'm so not hungry that I have to be careful not to undereat.

If you undereat or overexercise, or both, you don't get in better shape, either.

Today I've had Mexican steak leftovers and turkey leftovers. Also some rice and some pineapples.

I got on the scale this morning. It said I'd lost 5 pounds since I started. That sounds good, right? But it also said that I'd lost three pounds of muscle since I started. I find that very frustrating. What happened? Why is it doing that?

My husband, genius that he is, says that it's water or whatever when I tell him things like this. Ofentimes it is. However, I wish the scale were more even, that my weight was more predictable.

The good thing is that, though I didn't measure today, I have lost 3.25 inches on this challenge in the first three weeks. That should mean that I'm not losing muscle but fat. I'm looking forward to measuring on Saturday.

I'm also looking forward to Saturday as my free day this week. I have FAT plans. I want a peanut butter sandwich with milk. I want a burger from Burger King, with a soda and fries. I want a piece of French Silk Pie.

We were talking with my folks yesterday and told them that you don't really end up eating all you've craved all week. It would probably make you sick. However, I have had cravings for these things consistently for a while and since I have the pie in the freezer, I might actually be able to manage to get a piece this week.

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