Hiding your blog

I've almost decided that I need a blog no one knows is mine.

Not because my parents are reading what I've written. They're not. They don't even know what a blog is.

But because my husband is reading it.

Then he comes home and says, “Ooh, life is hard. You slept late, then you went on a bike ride.”

It's true. I did. But I didn't say my life was hard. If I did, please let me know in the comments, so I can adjust this.

My life is fairly simple. Not totally simple, but fairly.

I get up. I exercise. I eat. I make my bed. I make sure the kids have food.

Most of the time I then start them on schoolwork. (This is the hard part. Being kids they would much rather be doing pretty much anything rather than school, but it IS vacation time right now.) I start doing laundry or dishes or picking up the house, whatever downstairs chores need to be done. I can't go upstairs because they'll start a fight, so no computer or TV for me when they're doing school.

Then, after school, I make lunch. Serve them. (I've generally already eaten. They don't like to eat at a table with dead animals on it, since they're vegetarian.) Sit down somewhere near them. After lunch, I hassle them to clean up their plates, which isn't too hard, and to clean up their places, which they just don't get. What crumbs? What dirty napkin? What spilled juice stain? I cleaned that up already. They don't understand the concept that if you did not do a good job, you need to do it again. –Well, they do with school, because that has always been my rule. They have to get 100%.

Then they go upstairs. Sometimes I go up too and watch TV or organize something upstairs. I generally clean the bathroom up there at least once a day. They say they clean it, but I think they think that means shutting the door.

It's the holidays so I am working on my syllabi for the spring. The one that was mostly finished is now redundant. The class didn't make. Hope that doesn't happen to my class at the college. That syllabus isn't done yet, but that class makes more money for me.

I try not to use my computer when the boys want it. It is my computer and we have two others, but mine is the only one with a printer. And often they want it for Word because they are writing a story. I want them to do all the writing they want to, so I just hang out doing something else.

When I was sick, that was my whole day. I could finish one load of clothes or one load of dishes a day and that was it. It's a miracle we all survived.

Now, however, I am much better. Which means that I tend to get bored more. So I read, which I love, and surf the internet, mostly to find stuff to blog about, and go on second bike rides. Well, today I went to the gym and got on the treadmill, but something exercise-y.

But, no, my day isn't running hither and yon constantly. I schedule my life so that I never have to do that. (Except when my mother is sick and needs me to run errands for a solid month.)

Today the most difficult things I did were 1) not eat too much when I ate and was still hungry, 2) not freak when the kids got in another fight, and 3) iron some shirts.

I actually ironed six shirts. One of my husband's long sleeved shirts was easy to iron. I'll volunteer for that one. The other one was such a pain I was thinking about what I could do to get rid of that shirt. But it's still in good shape, so washing it with an ink pen is not nice. Since he wears Tees to work, I also ironed two of his teeshirts, which were just so wrinkly it was terrible. Hopefully he won't wear those to work out in. I also ironed my mini-skirt, which is on its last days.

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  1. you know, i know what you mean about having a blog that no one reads, at least the people in your life who you may talk about or that just may make 'judgements' instead of comments like strangers do.

    that's the problem i have with my website, well, actually i don't really have it because the only persons on my website that knows of my website is Heather and Dan. I haven't told my closest friends.

    and it's hard, because i want to show them this neat website i created…but i like writing my thoughts about them (right or wrong i was still thinking these thoughts) and i don't want to deal with any consequences from my immediate irrational thoughts that i put down…. so….


    mark [www.marktioxon.com]

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