Getting in shape. Motivating stories.

You read other people's stories and you are supposed to get excited. Sometimes I do.

This lady, Nicole Weeks, lost 16 pounds of fat and gained 11 pounds of muscle in her first 12 week challenge with Body-for-Life. In two challenges she went from a size 14 to a size 4. WOWWEE. I am so thrilled for her. She looks good! Go check out her site. You'll see what I mean.

Sometimes when I hear/read success stories like this, it's a downer. I'm on my fourth challenge. How come I am not in a size 4? (What's a size 4 look like? That's amazing. Well, I've seen 0s on my sister-in-law, but I thought they just jumped from 0 to 8 or something.)

I should not be depressed. I look so much better than I did in the first place. I've gone from a size 18 to a size 9. That's freaking wonderful.

Plus, I started at a lot worse place, physically, than she did. (If you read her essays, you find out she started the challenge right after walking out of a physically abusive relationship. I was in a lot better place than that psychologically when I started.)

I've looked at her stuff and, according to her statistics, she started out weighing 144. I weighed 50 pounds more than that. I'm getting closer to where she started!

I think what is really frustrating to me is that she gained so much muscle. Several trainers have told me that my body will go to muscle a lot better than most people's. But I'm sitting here, 40 weeks into this, with maybe a gain of 4 pounds of muscle. The most my scale ever said was 8. Now it's showing a 3 pound gain, over the whole 40 weeks. I am so frustrated.

I looked at the weights I've been lifting. My lower body exercise weights have increased dramatically since I started. (Well, actually, they've gone from 5 pounds at the heaviest to 70 at the heaviest.) My lower body exercise weights are up, too, from 10 to 40. What's wrong with that? Why am I not gaining?

I don't have muscle you can see like that. And I haven't gained muscle like she did. I would love to. She looks good. She's right, skinny ought to be out compared to having muscles you can see.

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  1. pardon me for not searching your past entries if you've written on this already, but are you taking in enough protein? and working your muscles enough to make them grow?
    i know the protein intake is hard for people who aren't carnivores like me. but you probably already thought of that huh…..

    mark []

  2. Yeah, not getting enough protein was very hard when I was a vegetarian. Having given that up, though, it’s not anywhere near as hard.

    I get a minimum of 110 g. protein a day. so I don’t think that’s the problem.

    Working muscles: I do a 12, 10, 8, 6 (getting heavier each set) and then dropping down to the weight I did 8 at and doing 12 and then 12 more of another exercise. I do squats, lunges, back, and abs for lower. Chest press, lying extensions, bicep curls, and Arnold’s for upper body.

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