Preacher's story

The funniest joke our pastor's told yet.

There are two guys and they are shipwrecked. They drifted a long way before they hit this island, so they are very far off course. There is not a good chance that they will be found.

One of the guys is panicked already. He has found some fruit which he recognizes and there's a stream, but, man, he's not happy about this. How long will it take? Will they ever be found? Can he learn to fish like that guy in Castaway?

The other guy is laying on the beach suntanning. He looks for all the world as if this were a planned vacation.

The panicked guy goes up to the vacationing guy and says, “What is up with you? Don't you know we were off course? Don't you know there's not much hope we'll ever be found?”

The guy suntanning looks up at him and says slowly, “I make $100,000 a week.”

The panicked guy is thinking, “So what? We're not at home. They'll just replace you with someone cheaper.”

Then the calm guy continues, “And I tithe faithfully on it every week. My pastor won't give up till he finds me.”

–For those who don't know, a tithe is 10% of your income given to the church.

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