TV: Rock the House

VH1 has a great new show. It's a take-off of Trading Spaces, which was a hit on HGTV, I think. Only Rock the House is way cooler.

In Rock the House, a designer and a huge team of painters, etc. come to the house of someone who claims to be the number one fan of some singer.

For example, today's Number One Fan was Anna somebody. And she's the number one fan of AJ McLean. She has all his albums, all his posters. She sleeps with his picture in her pillowcase. She got to name her cousin, and named him AJ.

So, the host, a designer, the team, and AJ McLean showed up at Anna's house after she was gone to work to decorate it.

They do a great job on the makeover. It always looks good. Plus twice now the people have gotten big plasma display TVs. (Today's show got a 42 inch one.)

Then, the folks come home, see their house, get told their favorite singer asked the folks to come. Then their favorite singer shows up. It is so fun.

My husband said he'd like to be a number one fan so he could get a huge TV. I like the fact that they actually do a good job with something the people will like. Not straw glued to the walls or plastic flowers covering the entire room.

So, if you're bored, record this and watch it. It's great.

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  1. hi! i saw you dropped by my blog so i came to check yours out. 🙂

    unfortunately, our cable network doesn't provide VH1. (Sucks!)

    have a nice day! 🙂

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