Are there heroes?

Found another blog entry to make a really long comment on. The person was talking about there rarely being any world shaking ways to be a hero. And very few heroes.

I disagree. Some of this I commented there. But I am adding more here.

I think that there are far more opportunities to be a hero than you discussed in the longer paragraph. A hero is saving/helping one person in an extraordinary way. There are probably thousands of heros in the town you live in. Even if they aren't always heroic and they aren't pictured in anime.

Although many of them are dying, there are heroes from World War II still around. There are hundreds and thousands of firemen and police officers, of paramedics and doctors, of nurses and friends who were there at the right moment to save someone. Maybe not even from death.

Two hero stories from my family that you have never read of.

First, when my mom was 7 she was run over by a car. The doctors wanted to amputate her leg because she got gangrene in her foot. The nurse working the case went to my grandparents, working people who were not influential in the town, and told them that she could save my mother's leg, if they would let her do it her way. They did. She did. She never worked as a nurse again. The influential of the town didn't like her interfering in several sticky situations. She is a hero, and I don't even know her name.

A retired kindergarten teacher with grown children heard about my mom, a seventeen year old mother of two, with a son the doctors had sent home from the hospital to die. They didn't want him to raise the morbidity rates for their hospital. So Jeanette came to my mom, never having even seen her before, and offered to help. She nursed my brother and fed him with an eyedropper every half hour for weeks until he was “viable” to operate on. He's forty this year.

Heroes don't have to save the world. Just one person.

Sometimes, though, they save more than one person. Like Flight 93 in Pennsylvania on the 11th of September, 2001.

military guy at the Pentagon

red bandana man saves 18


Anyway, I don't know a lot of heroes personally. But I've met Jeanette as an adult. And no one would know she was a hero. So, maybe, I know a lot of heroes. I just don't know what they did.

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  1. In many ways, my mom and dad are heros. My mom exspecially, has raised and homeschooled me and my numerous siblings despite oppostiion from inlaws and her parents. My dad had worked so many hours to provide for our family of 9. They did save lives, becuase if they decided to be like the average american family, i wouldn't be here, my four younger sibs wouldn;t exist, and there would be only .7 of my directly older sis ;)… I like this blog entree…


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