Playing with Color

I've been playing with color on my blog. Used to be a preset theme. The two tone blue one. Can't remember what it's called. What do you think of the new colors?

2 thoughts on “Playing with Color

  1. I like the new colors. Mine ( need work. the preformatted seem crummy so far. will experiment with my own, I guess.


  2. Sorry to barge in here ladies, i was doing some surfing and found myself here. The dates on the system is done to the setting you have your timezone set. All times are default to GMT, so if you are blogging in around midnight of GMT, then you may see some funny things going on. Just set your timezone and you'll be ok. As for the upgrading … a whole new world opens up that allows you more control, including the ability to simply send emails to your blog. As for the backup; thats just one click. No learning curve required. Any problems, please give me a shout.

    Alan []

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