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It is always fun to see that someone has posted to your site.

I got on tonight to do my entry. I was thrilled, though, to see other people had visited and posted.

I like reading other people's blog entries.

I prefer the ones that I can read easily (color and type size can make a big difference). I also prefer the ones that aren't filled with profanity.

I've found, much to my surprise, that I actually enjoy the ones which aren't about anything particular. I feel almost like I got an email from a friend. You know the kind, “Not doing much. Just thought I'd drop you a line.” I used to get letters like that. But people send email mostly. Except my grandmother-in-law.

I also enjoy the ones that are about very specific things: being afraid of skeeks (?), liking a guy, asking a girl out, getting married, fixing up a house, being sick.

I'm not a computer person, so a lot of the java/programmer ones I skip.

I've never been a big “presence on the net” even though my hubby and I have a website we operate. (He has two others which are work-related.) But I feel like blog-city is kind of a virtual community. I like that.

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